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The Icelandic Fulbright Commission

The Icelandic Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gudmundur I. Gudmundsson and the American Ambassador, Mr. John J. Muccio, signed a bi-national Fulbright agreement between Iceland and the United States on February 23, 1957.  Present at the signing of the agreement were the Icelandic Minister of Education, Gylfi Th. Gislason and other prominent officials of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education.

The Icelandic Fulbright commission, also called the Iceland - United States Educational Commission, administers the Fulbright program in Iceland. In accordance with the ideals of the Fulbright program, it promotes excellence in academic and cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between the people of Iceland and the United States. The commission is supported by funding allocations from both the U.S. and Icelandic governments.

The Icelandic Minister of Education and the American Ambassador in Iceland appoint its Board of Directors and are Honorary Chairmen of the Board, which counts ten members, five Icelandic and five Americans. Two of these ten are alternates.

The full Icelandic name of the Fulbright commission is Fulbright stofnunin, Menntastofnun Íslands og Bandaríkjanna.


Fulbright mission in Iceland

To award grants to Icelandic and American students and scholars in support of their studies, research and teaching

To provide accurate and unbiased information to Icelandic students who wish to study in the United States, through the maintainance of a specialized reference library and educational advising center, both are open to the public.


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