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On July 4, 1991 Ambassador Charles Cobb, then the United States Ambassador to Iceland, and Ambassador Sue Cobb presented the city of Reykjavík with the statue Partnership in commemoration of 50 years of diplomatic relations between Iceland and the United States. The statue was erected down at the Reykjavík harbour and an identical one stands proudly at the home of the Cobbs in Coral Gables, Florida.

The Partnership Award was established in 1991 and Pétur Bjarnason the sculptor of the statue created miniature Partnership sculptures for the awardees.  In 2003 the Icelandic Fulbright Commission was asked to manage the Cobb Partnership Award, which had been dormant for some years and the board of directors of the Icelandic Fulbright commission was honoured to take on the responsibility. The Cobb Partnership Award is awarded almost biannually.

The Commission’s board of directors choose an American who has been an outstanding advocate of American values in Iceland and who has strengthened the ties between the two countries. Americans who are eligible for this award are those who have demonstrated a strong committment to fostering U.S. relations with Iceland and to the building of bridges between the two countries.

The Fulbright commission also manages a grant Ambassador Cobb donates every year to an Icelandic student going to the University of Miami for graduate studies. The Fulbright Commission is extremely grateful for the ongoing support  of Ambassador Charles Cobb and Ambassador Sue Cobb for the ongoing support, not only concerning the Partnership Award but also the support for Icelandic graduate students. The student grant is the Cobb Family Fellowship which the Fulbright Commission advertises and promotes each year.


Recipients of the Cobb Partnership Award:

2016 - Timothy Spanos, Executive Director of International Lending at Íslandsbanki for his work to bring American and Icelandic businesspeople together for mutually beneficial projects.

2014Kristján Ragnarsson, MD, for his collaborative work as a physician and academic, as well as his contribution to business and cultural cooperation

2011 - Bert Hanson, a business leader who has played an important role in the development of trade between the two countries.

2008 - K-C Tran, a co-founder of Carbon Recycling International. By developing clean technology which will enable direct conversion of renewable energy to fuel his entrepreneurial leadership role has contributed greatly to US and Icelandic relations in the area of alternate fuel supply.

2006 - Terry G. Lacy, an accomplished teacher, author, translator and musician who has contributed greatly to the Icelandic academia.

2004 - William Holm, a writer and teacher at Southwest Minnesota State University, for his contribution to literary culture.

2000 - Rear Admiral Thomas F. Hall, a naval officer, for his contribution to advancing good relations between the United States and Iceland.

1998 - Professor Jesse Byock, a distinguished professor at the University of California, for his contributions to increasing understanding between Icelanders and Americans.

1996 - Philip Vogler, has been very effective in advancing American values in partnership with Icelanders in both his profession as an educator and in his active life as a community leader.

1995 - Thor Thors, Jr.,  a professional banker who has spent most of his life advancing relations between Iceland and the United States.

1994 - Bishop Alfred J. Jolson, a wonderful and caring human being leading the Catholic Church in Iceland administering to the spiritual needs of both Icelanders and Americans.

1994 - Carol Hendrickson Pazandak, professor at the University of Minnesota, for her efforts in establishing an exchange agreement between the University of Iceland and the University of Minnesota.

1993 - Peggy Oliver Helgason, occupational therapist, art´s manager and early childhood educator, for her commitment to critically ill children in Iceland.

1992 - Barbara Sigurbjörnsdóttir, a teacher and principal of the American Embassy School of Reykjavík, for her outstanding commitment to excellence in education.

1991 - Paul Zukofsky, a violinist and conductor, for his commitment to culture and music.

1990 - Ragnar H. Ragnar, a music teacher and choir conductor, for his commitment to culture and music.




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