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Fulbright grants for US students

These grants are for U.S. graduate students, recent graduates and developing professionals/artists who come to Iceland for study, research and other projects. Applications are administered by IIE in the U.S. Initial inquiries should be made with that agency.

The Fulbright IIE website contains detailed information and application instructions, but generally deadlines are in the fall.  The competition opens in late spring, giving students the entire summer, and into early autumn, to complete their applications.

Six full grants are available for US students. Full grants include a stipend intended to cover living expenses for 9 months (the academic year), a travel stipend of 1000 USD, a supplemental accident and sickness insurance coverage and a baggage allowance, which is payable at the end of the stay. All fields of study are considered.

Joint Fulbright/Icelandic government grant

One grant is available for a student who enrolls in the program of Icelandic as a Second Language at the University of Iceland. Further information regarding the Icelandic Studies program for foreigners at the University of Iceland can be found by clicking on the link to the right.

The Ministry of Education in Iceland funds this grant in part, providing much of the stipend intended for living costs. Fulbright tops up the monthly stipend to bring it to the level of other Fulbright student grants in Iceland and provides a travel stipend, health insurance and a baggage allowance, making the grant level identical to that of the Fulbright full grants.

Eligibility, applications and selection criteria are the same as for the Fulbright full grant.  The application deadline is the same as for other Fulbright student grants. All applicant information and access to the online application form is found on the IIE/Fulbright USA website.