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Fulbright Iceland Fund - donation form available


The Commission is pleased to announce the launch of the Fulbright Iceland Fund, a U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable fund, which has been set up through our partner organization in New York, IIE. Through this fund, U.S. residents and U.S. based companies can make charitable donations to Fulbright Iceland and receive tax deductions in accordance with U.S. law. We encourage our friends in the U.S. to seize this opportunity to support the work of Fulbright Iceland.

All funds received will be used directly to benefit our grantees, with funds going towards grants and grant supporting activities. There is no better way to support Fulbright than directly through the Commission, knowing that your funds are going to impact exchanges directly. It is possible to make an annual, monthly or one-time contribution, depending on what suits each donor.

To make a donation online please go to www.iie.org/donate and direct your gift by entering “Iceland Fulbright Commission Donation” in the gift designation field OR if you prefer, we also have a donation form available here below, which you can send to IIE:   

Fulbright Iceland Fund -donation form


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